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PBS Supply recently finished a high profile, fast paced project for a rapidly growing client. Turner Construction helped facilitate the project, acting as the General Contractor. They were a joy to work with and aided in a successful Office TI in Bellevue, WA. PBS furnished & installed Markerwall systems and tackable wall covering. The Claridge floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and PBS natural cork wall covering provided a few collaborative spaces for ideation and information sharing. Below are a few photos curtesy of Ben at Turner. Thanks to all who helped make this a fun and rewarding project.

Conference Room 1

Common Space

Dining Area

Small Room

The message from office makeovers at Microsoft, IBM, GE: Don’t get too comfortable at that desk

Some highlights from the October 10, 2017 article in the Seattle Times:

“New office designs are meant to cater to the variety of tasks required of modern white-collar workers. Put another way, it means people don’t sit in just one place.”

“The new model is largely open, but not entirely. Under the revised thinking, breaking down walls to bring people together is good, but so are “team spaces” and standing tables, comfortable couches and movable walls.”

“The new designs are not about looks. They are an attempt to adapt to the spread of internet-era digital technology — and its hurry-up ways — in every industry. Space drives behavior, experts say, and the goal of the new designs is to hasten the pace of sharing ideas, making decisions and creating products.”

We were thrilled to have some of our products featured in the article!
Seattle Times Article


Old Tackboard

Markerwall & Booth

Project Spotlight – Office TI

The recently completed Best Buy Seattle DotCom project exhibited a number of custom interior finishes posing different challenges. The end-user desired a dynamic common space to disseminate information sharing and collaboration among the staff, whilst also incorporating the company’s logo. Moreover, the unique requirements of the project required an acoustical component for noise reduction in the facility. As such, PBS Supply installed full-length markerwalls, wall carpet, and plastic laminate paneling across the common space and hallways. This resulted in a completely functional shared environment, both writable and acoustical, throughout the downtown Seattle location.

It’s Not As Easy As It Looks – Installation

A lot of thought should go into the unique installation process associated with building specialties to ensure safety, functionality, and effectiveness. Installation is a critical, yet often overlooked, component of the overall scope of the project. Without proper installation, product fails, contractors falter, and end-users are left disappointed. As such, we put a tremendous amount of emphasis on quality installation of our products here at PBS Supply. In doing so, we exclusively utilize properly trained Union Carpenters to work on our jobs. Why do we choose to use a premium labor force out in the field? Because high quality products married with high quality installation is a winning combination for both your building requirements and our workmanship guarantees. In a year’s time, we want to safeguard that your building materials are not only safe and secure, but that they pass the eye test for all. So, whether it’s hanging hundreds of whiteboards or field-cutting markerwall panels, modifying thousands of feet of tackable wall surfaces or direct-adhering glassboards, PBS Supply and our Union Carpenter installation team is here to help bring value to the project.

DJC Building Of The Year

PBS Supply was thrilled to provide a variety of interior furnishings and installation services at the Hazel Wolf K-8 School. PBS Supply teamed up with Lydig Construction and NAC Architecture to outfit the school with the likes of tackable wall covering, acoustical wall covering, markerboards, and tackboards.

Excerpt from the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce: 

The votes are in and DJC readers picked Hazel Wolf K-8 School as the 2016 Building of the Year. Runners-up were the Pierce County Readiness Center and Spokane Teaching Health Clinic.Honorable mentions to 200 Occidental, Marion West and Midtown 21. Hazel Wolf garnered 23 percent of the total votes.

The $39.2 million school is in the Pinehurst neighborhood of North Seattle, at 11530 12th Ave. N.E. It has 83,000 square feet of space for up to 680 STEM students, and integrates with its 3.2-acre site to create an indoor/outdoor learning lab, with a living wall in the main entry, green roofs and terraces. The curriculum is based on environmental learning.

The central courtyard has several teaching areas focused on plantings and stormwater management, including a constructed wetland. The courtyard extends up and over the administration area and art room to create more space for outdoor learning.

A botanical garden provides an outdoor laboratory, while a living wall at the main entry displays the school’s mission to the community.

“Hazel Wolf was a perfect synergy of a can-do user group embracing the challenge of a small urban site and finding creative ways to engage their unique environmental STEM program,” said Boris Srdar of NAC Architecture. “It was a true pleasure to be a part of the design process in the re-imagining of their needs.”

What the voters said:

  • “Love the composition of the simple forms and the vibrant colors. Driving by this place on a cloudy day makes me feel happy for the students that get to go here.”

  • “Very unique and inspiring to see a school with such an interesting design.”

  • “It is a beautiful building that makes the most of a small footprint.”

  • “This school is the smartest, most environmentally (oriented) school building I’ve ever seen! It’s a pleasure to spend time in this building.”

  • “Fantastic use of a tight space and great innovation shown in the use of the building as a teaching tool. Way to go!”

  • “Great use of color and 3-D space.”

  • “This is what 21st century education should look like.”

  • “This school is practicing what it preaches as a school focused on E-STEM education by integrating environmentally savvy practices into its own building.”

Link: Seattle DJC Article


Case Study: UW Foster School of Business – Vertical Sliders

Requirement:  UW Foster School of Business required a Vertical Sliding Markerboard System that would coordinate and fit with its lecture hall design and aesthetics, while still providing the functional space necessary for multiple lecture formats.

Problem:  Of the half dozen manufacturers that supply vertical sliding systems, none of them could provide the overall height needed, nor the ability to incorporate the matched wall paneling system as designed.

Solution:  PBS Supply Co. spearheaded this project despite being told by multiple manufacturer’s engineers that it was categorically impossible. This obstinateness served as the catalyst to bring our custom manufacturing team together to prove the naysayers otherwise. With our working experience and exceptional fabrication abilities, we re-designed the sub-frame system with a complete and custom manufactured steel “panel carrier” framework. This allowed for specialized attachments of the custom book-matched wood panels to be turned into moving structures. Re-designing the track system was also required to provide the ability for the panels to recess over 20 feet up into the ceiling space. The system allows for a rich aesthetic to the space when used for its many high-end meeting purposes, while still allowing hundreds of square feet of Markerboard writing surfaces when used for more traditional class lectures.

They said it couldn’t be done. PBS Supply Co. took the challenge head-on, and came through with a custom solution, installed within budget, and ahead of schedule – resulting in a satisfied and loyal customer.

Seattle, The Ever-Growing City

Great to see those cranes dotting the Seattle skyline! 

Seattle in Progress

Here’s more from our friends at King 5 News:

SEATTLE – Seattle currently has 58 construction cranes dotting its skyline, that’s more construction cranes than any other city in America. Developer of the Seattle in Progress website Ethan Phelps-Goodman highlights a few of the biggest projects happening in our ever-growing city, The Frye High rises, the Washington State Convention Center, the Vulcan offices for Google, and the 5th and Virginia project.



Project Spotlight: Mercer Island Northwood Elementary

CarpetOwner: Mercer Island School District

Architect: Mahlum Architects

General Contractor: Bayley Construction

Solution: Visual Display Surfaces

The recently completed Mercer Island School District project exhibited a number of different visual display surfaces. The school required dynamic workspaces to disseminate information sharing and collaboration among students and staff. As such, PBS Supply installed full-length markerwalls, sliding markerboard units, and fabric wrapped panels across the classrooms as well as tackable surfaces throughout the hallways. This resulted in a completely functional learning environment, both writable and tackable, throughout the school.

“PBS Supply was a wonderful partner in helping to create flexible, durable, and beautiful interior spaces for the school community.” – Rebecca Hutchinson, Associate, Mahlum Architects, Inc.


Open Office – 7 Elements to Consider

Woman Open Office

Recently, we have received a number of inquiries pertaining to open office planning, inquiring as to our experience in helping customers. As such, we decided to explore the connection between collaboration and open office layouts. This push for “connectedness” revealed a spectrum of intriguing insights, which is masterfully highlighted in HBR’s article: 7 Factors of Office Design. Why is there such a call to action to disrupt the traditional cubical cluster office space? Simply put, the office place is melting pot of a business’s core values, endeavors, and ultimately, ethos. With that, companies are evolving, and altering their culture to incorporate transparency, openness, and communication. Below are some of the key considerations for capturing and inspiring your company’s character in the design process:

  • Location

  • Enclosure

  • Exposure

  • Technology

  • Temporality

  • Perspective

  • Size

Body + Brain + Whiteboard = Learning


We live in a technologically driven age whereby we are stimulated by a myriad of screens and other digital displays. One of the only teaching products to weather the test of time across the country is the traditional whiteboard. But why?

“What really makes whiteboards great learning tools is how they engage both the body and brain in the learning process.”

A study by the University of Illinois drew a connection between the physical act of writing and the cognitive effects on children. In doing so, the study found the neural activity in the kids who wrote by hand was far greater than in those who simply observed.

Locally, at the University of Washington, researchers found more connections between kinesthetic and visual engagement. Ultimately, hand movements, specifically those of the fingers, trigger the part of the brain associated with thinking, language and working memory.

“A whiteboard is often the easiest, quickest way to seize a teachable moment, capture someone’s attention, and engage students of any age.”

(Above information, quotes, and image courtesy of our porcelain enamel steel manufacturer)