The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

What Everyone Should Know About Chalkboards – 1966

We came across this informative cartoon (c. 1966) during one of our cleaning sessions at PBS Supply. Although, Duraslate is no longer a common name in the visual display industry, the message remains the same: high quality, well built products “outperform them all.” As believers in that mantra, PBS Supply only purchases, fabricates, and provides premium quality products. Moreover, we pride ourselves on extraordinary service to boot! So do your best impression of this funny little man in the cartoon and zip on over to PBS to learn “What Everyone Should Know About (Visual Displays)!”


Communities in Schools of Spokane County

PBS Supply is thankful for the opportunity to join up with NAC Architecture in donating school supplies for the Communities in Schools of Spokane County (CISSC)!ext


Whiteboards (and Glassboards) > PowerPoint

A study shared by CMO and conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business revealed that “whiteboard presentations are viewed as more engaging than PowerPoint” and found that “Participants remembered more message content than others.” The studies conducted by Professor Zakary Tormala highlighted the benefits of whiteboards versus their digital counterparts. Statistically, the whiteboard presentation proved more interactive and persuasive. Participants found whiteboard presentations more engaging, credible, exceptional, and memorable on the whole. So next time you have an important presentation to give, ditch the PowerPoint and reach new communicative highs with a wonderful whiteboard or glassboard.

CMO – Adobe – Stanford Study Link


Go Green With Us!

Join the movement and go green with PBS Supply and our Green Initiative. We have expansive product offerings for you and your clients including markerboards (some call them whiteboards, we call them green boards now), chalkboards, tackboards, and corkboards to give you an idea. At PBS Supply, we truly believe a happy environment has contagious effects!

Drawing (5)

Interactive Whiteboards on the Decline

“Global sales of interactive whiteboards are facing a steep decline in the next decade…” reads the headlining sentence of a new market report from British research firm, Future Market Insights. The publication examines the long-term outlook of the interactive whiteboard market, highlighting significant declines in the marketplace. The overall market is expected to shrink at a compound annual rate of 17% over the next 10 years. But why? The study cites an aversion to large scale investment in projects with interactive boards as well as a slow adoption process of the seemingly complex technology.


Chalk Art – Not Just For Sidewalks

Some will try to tell you that chalkboards are dusty and obsolete or reserved for munchkins and their sidewalks. We here at PBS Supply beg to differ (though we’ll be the first to admit writing on the street is a bucket of fun)!

Chalkboards like your favorite pair of torn up jeans, are back in style. Call it nostalgic, retrofit, or throwback if you want. For restaurants, breweries, cafes, delis, and/or your man cave, chalkboards are a vibrant way to give your wall some panache! So what’s all the hype about? White and colored chalk gives an attractive contrast to the dull, black porcelain steel. The canvas provides a classic, elegant, and especially unique look that displays the creativeness of your space.

Want to do something with that blank slate and don’t quite have the steady hand to craft a masterful piece of art? Don’t worry… we have just the guy. Our friend and famed chalkboard artist, John Rozich, is a virtuoso with a piece of chalk in his hand. His work is absolutely astonishing. So for your next chalkboard endeavor, be sure to seek out PBS Supply and for your next chalk-based Mona Lisa, be sure to leave it to John.

UW Chalk Fat Tire ChalkMenu Chalk

Playoffs In Portland

With the books of the college basketball season closed following an unbelievable finish to the championship game, basketball diehards turn their eyes to the NBA playoff picture for amusement. Although the Sonics are not around to entertain the Seattle basketball brass, we Northwest folk tend to follow our second team down in Portland, Oregon… the Trailblazers. PBS Supply and our employees are huge fans of Rip City (a term coined by Bill Schonely) after helping the NBA team with some of their facilities work. PBS Supply Co. aided the Portland Trailblazers by creating a monstrous (after all those basketball players are quite tall) whiteboard and wallcovering visual display surface for the team’s facility. In doing so, we were able to marry a number of different markerboard products into one seamless, dry erase application; thus creating a truly gigantic viewing surface for the coaches, players, and staff to communicate. If nothing else, this proved that no project is too big (or too tall) for PBS Supply to tackle. Here’s hoping our products and services can help spur a deep playoff run by our local NBA team!

Trailblazers 2 Trailblazers



Cranes and Things

It’s nearly impossible to drive down I-5 from Seattle to Portland and avoid viewing the plethora of cranes towering over the beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape. A recent survey found that the number of cranes checkered across the city of Seattle has increased by 43% since last summer. In the Rose City, our neighbors to the south have seen a similar increase of 29% in crane activity. These projects range from commercial to mixed-use to residential and everything in between. So what does it all mean? We have an idea, but we’ll leave you to do the heavy thinking. If nothing else, the construction industry is chugging along at a steady clip here in Washington and Oregon. And it will be fascinating to see how those dinosaurs protruding from the ground enhance the two cityscapes in years to come.

Seattle Cranes Landscape


PBS in Pleasanton

While we at PBS truly love it here in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes we feel the need to chase the sun and warmer weather during these rainy winter months. Conveniently, we don’t have to look far. PBS Supply has operated a Northern California office for over 15 years, with the most recent location about an hour outside of San Francisco in Pleasanton, CA. This location is far more than a sunny escape for the PBS crew; it allows us to provide our outstanding visual display offerings to the entire northern half of California. Along with our products, we also have a top notch installation team ready to make sure you can enjoy your new product – be it a markerboard, projection screen, or cork wallcovering. So whether covered by the clouds of the Northwest or the California sun, PBS is your premier solution for whatever visual display solution you need to render.


Erasing Permanent Marker

Ever accidentally pull out the wrong black marker and scribble on your whiteboard? We here at PBS Supply certainly have in the past (more times than we care to admit). Thankfully, our friends over at Stickieboard provided a nice little video to help remedy the problem. Check it out and discover how you can salvage your markerboard.