Helping the Huskies

The Pacific Northwest has been home to PBS Supply for over 75 years so when the opportunity to work with a fellow PNW mainstay (again) presented itself we gladly seized it. The University of Washington has expanded to multiple campuses and their classroom & offices needed dynamic ways to present information. After a few discussions, we worked with folks at the UW to better understand their needs. The Huskies required both a whiteboard and a tackboard to outfit an office; something that wouldn’t take up valuable space. Our sliding markerboard system provided an abundance of writing space without engulfing the entire wall. Moreover, the sliding markerboard system had a fabric tackboard added to the unit, making the system even more versatile. Bingo – a turnkey solution! So whether big or small, simple or complicated, we at PBS Supply have the products and ingenuity to solve any visual display challenge you may face.  Angle view

Liven Things Up With Tangerine Zest


Here at PBS we strive to provide products which are not only of the highest overall quality but environmentally friendly as well. That is why it is no shock to us here that our natural and composite cork surfaces are among our most popular products. Providing all the practicality of traditional cork but with added durability and a variety of colors our Forbo wallcovering can spice up any hallway, office, or conference room. So whether you’re looking for something traditional like “black olive” or “oyster shell” or want to liven up the workplace with a little “tangerine zest” or “baby lettuce” we have the options to create a highly functional and environmentally conscious workplace.


Closing Out 2015 – Happy New Year!


Looking back at 2015 as it comes to a close we here at PBS Supply have enjoyed installing and distributing visual display products all throughout the Pacific Northwest. Moving forward we are excited to continue expanding our products and services providing new and exciting ways to enhance the way people see and share information. So whether your resolution is to improve office communication with a new glassboard in the conference room or to organize those grocery list items with a kitchen whiteboard we here at PBS will be ready to help make your 2016 a success.


Time to Connect


CONNECT by Claridge is a dynamic product line suitable for any purpose and/or environment… Many of PBS Supply’s clients enjoy the visual appeal and the dynamic nature of the CONNECT line. To quote the folks at Claridge:

These products are designed to provide custom solutions for today’s collaborative workspaces and, at the same time, leverage the best of Claridge’s manufacturing capabilities with Qdesign’s contract market experience. CONNECT’s unique, low-profile aluminum trim is extruded at Claridge Extrusions; the low-gloss porcelain writing surfaces are fired on-site in the Claridge porcelain facility; and the credenzas are crafted in the Claridge wood shop. CONNECT by Claridge provides a product line that will encourage individuals to come together to exchange ideas, interact and get work done in a contemporary work environment.

So next time you fit out your office space with whiteboards, tackboards, glassboards, space dividers, etc. look no further than the sleek and functional CONNECT products offered by your Northwest Claridge dealer.


Working with Goat Hair


A unique opportunity arose following an inquisitive phone call from a well informed and creative customer. This particular individual had a general idea of what she wanted to adorn the walls of the downtown Seattle Best Buy location. Prior to reaching out to PBS Supply Co., the customer struggled to find someone willing to aid her in envisioning and executing the task from start to finish.

The creative and experienced manufacturing team at PBS convened with the customer to sketch out an aesthetically pleasing and functional wall surface. After bouncing around ideas and trading drawings, the two parties were able to conjure a beautiful and practical solution. Ultimately, the team at PBS Supply was able to source, build, deliver, and install writable wall covering, blue carpet wall (80% goat hair!), and yellow plastic laminate for the satisfied customer. We truly enjoyed working with Best Buy and trust we can use the best of our team’s abilities to help create and install your next big idea.

Best Buy 2 Best Buy 3 Best Buy 1

Fielding a Football Request


In the spirit of fall and subsequently college football season coming to an end, we at PBS Supply Co. would like to highlight one of our unique projects for the year. USC graduate’s David and Mark were especially excited to help their alma mater in its continuous championship quest by aiding the communication efforts at the school.

Back in the summer, PBS had the opportunity to install customized vertical sliding whiteboards for the Trojan football team at the USC John McKay Center. PBS Supply was thrilled to partner with the athletic department and operations team in conjunction with RCB Specialties to provide and install a solution to fit both the school and football team’s needs.

The team at PBS utilized its collective visual display and communications expertise to recommend and provide the adequate solution – a three whiteboard unit – tripling the writing surface for the coaches. We are eager to field any request you may have and promise to do our best not to fumble! Here’s hoping to continued success for the Trojans on the gridiron, in the locker room, as well as in the classroom.

Pic 1

Vertical Sliders


USC Football Wall


Seahawks VMAC Facility Visit

PBS Supply visited the Seahawks VMAC facility today to help with design and installation of additional new visual display panels to help keep the world champion players at the top of their game with the display tools they need to work with.We love to help our champions at work.

Philanthropy with Carol’s Cause & Cars-For-A-Cure

PBS Supply is proud to donate & support Carol’s Cause & Cars-For-A-Cure benefit Car show and Auction to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research. As part of a fundraiser for this year’s show, PBS partners with Carol’s cause to host an auction.10511096_522188714549179_1798057134269494384_n