Project Description

Map and Display Rail

“51EZ” 1″ MapRail
51EZ 1" Maprail
51ES – End Stops
51M – Metal Map Hooks
51C – Plastic Map Hooks
51FH – Flag Holders
51RB – Roller Brackets
52ES – Flat End Stops

[1″ MapRail Detail]

“74EZ” 2″ MapRail
74EZ 2" Maprail
74ES – End Stops
76M – Metal Map Hooks
76 – Plastic Map Hooks
76FH – Flag Holders
76RB – Roller Brackets
75ES – Flat End Stops

 [2″ MapRail Detail]


EDR Exhibit Rail
3″ wide Rail
Standard: F650 Dusk Blue Fabricork
Other colors available on request
Mounted with furnished screws or your double-sided tape

[EDR Detail]

 WDR Display Rail
3″ wide with 1-1/2″ tackstrip OR 4″ wide with 2-1/2″ tackstrip
Natural Oak Finish, others available