Project Description

Series 185

Series 185

Shown in optional powder-coated trim finish

A classically appealing look, Series 185 boards are a combination of Series 1 and Series 5 boards. The units have a 1-1/2″ wide perimeter trim and a hollow chalktray for a finished appearance. Concealed hanging “Z-bars” give this series a sleek feel that let you focus on your display, not ours.

Standard Construction includes
-28 Ga. Porcelain Steel with .005” foil backing sheet
-Satin anodized aluminum trim
-Eraser tray, and 1” maprail (no tray or maprail on Tackpanels)
-Concealed hanging rails on top, angle clips on bottom for mounting
-Includes required blocking pads that install behind panel

-No maprail or 2” high cork filled maprails (1” maprail available on tackboards)
-No Eraser Tray (recommended in gym areas)
-Bronze anodized or Powder Coated trim finishes
-Marker or chalkboards, NuCork natural cork, Claridge Cork (Forbo) colored cork, Fabricork, Designer fabric

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