Project Description

Series 8

SDeries 8

Our narrowest profile perimteter trim at 5/16″, Series 8 boards have a more minimalistic feel. Similar to Series 4 units, Series 8 have a standard chalktray and come with angle clips for mounting.

Standard panels up to 16′ x 4′ as single piece units. Tackboards available up to 12′ x 4′ as single piece units.

Standard Construction includes
-24 Ga. Porcelain steel with foil backing sheet
-Satin anodized aluminum trim
-Eraser tray and 1” Maprail (no tray or maprail on Tackpanels)
-Angle clips for mounting.

-No maprail or 2” high cork filled maprails (1” maprail available on tackboards)
-No Eraser Tray (recommended in gym areas)
-Hollow chalktray, cast aluminum end closures
-Bronze anodized or Powder Coated trim finishes
-Marker or chalkboards, NuCork natural cork, Claridge Cork (Forbo) colored cork, Fabricork, Designer fabric

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