Requirement:  UW Foster School of Business required a Vertical Sliding Markerboard System that would coordinate and fit with its lecture hall design and aesthetics, while still providing the functional space necessary for multiple lecture formats.

Problem:  Of the half dozen manufacturers that supply vertical sliding systems, none of them could provide the overall height needed, nor the ability to incorporate the matched wall paneling system as designed.

Solution:  PBS Supply Co. spearheaded this project despite being told by multiple manufacturer’s engineers that it was categorically impossible. This obstinateness served as the catalyst to bring our custom manufacturing team together to prove the naysayers otherwise. With our working experience and exceptional fabrication abilities, we re-designed the sub-frame system with a complete and custom manufactured steel “panel carrier” framework. This allowed for specialized attachments of the custom book-matched wood panels to be turned into moving structures. Re-designing the track system was also required to provide the ability for the panels to recess over 20 feet up into the ceiling space. The system allows for a rich aesthetic to the space when used for its many high-end meeting purposes, while still allowing hundreds of square feet of Markerboard writing surfaces when used for more traditional class lectures.

They said it couldn’t be done. PBS Supply Co. took the challenge head-on, and came through with a custom solution, installed within budget, and ahead of schedule – resulting in a satisfied and loyal customer.