A lot of thought should go into the unique installation process associated with building specialties to ensure safety, functionality, and effectiveness. Installation is a critical, yet often overlooked, component of the overall scope of the project. Without proper installation, product fails, contractors falter, and end-users are left disappointed. As such, we put a tremendous amount of emphasis on quality installation of our products here at PBS Supply. In doing so, we exclusively utilize properly trained Union Carpenters to work on our jobs. Why do we choose to use a premium labor force out in the field? Because high quality products married with high quality installation is a winning combination for both your building requirements and our workmanship guarantees. In a year’s time, we want to safeguard that your building materials are not only safe and secure, but that they pass the eye test for all. So, whether it’s hanging hundreds of whiteboards or field-cutting markerwall panels, modifying thousands of feet of tackable wall surfaces or direct-adhering glassboards, PBS Supply and our Union Carpenter installation team is here to help bring value to the project.