Standard Series

// Standard Series

LCS Deluxe

LCS Deluxe

– White Porcelain Enamel Steel Writing Surface
– Full length marker tray and optional map rail with map hooks, satin anodize finish
– Angle clip hangers
– 4 Assorted LCS markers and one felt eraser
– *Stocked for “Quick Ship”
– GREENGUARD Certified

Trimline Series

Trimline Series

Melamine (non-magnetic) or Low-Gloss LCS whiteboard writing surface
Full-length, slim profile marker tray
Low-profile board for a classic look
Available in sizes up to 4′ x 8′
Three trim styles available:


Satin Aluminum                                   

Black Crinkle Powder               […]

Glass Markerboards

Glass Markerboards
Standard Glass Markerboard
-1/4″ Tempered glass, dry erase writing surface
-Available in sizes up to 4′ x 6′
-Radius Corners available
-Polished edges
-Acid-etched back
-Brushed stainless edge grips for easy and attractive stand-off mounting

Magnetic Glass Markerboard
-1/4″ Tempered glass, dry erase writing surface
-Available in sizes up to 4′ x 6′
-Eased corners
-Polished edges
-Acid-etched back
-Brushed stainless edge grips for easy and attractive […]

EZ Fit Panels

EZ Fit Panels

White porcelain enamel steel on Medium Density Fiberboard core with a moisture barrier back; satin anodize aluminum trim
EZ Fit panels are designed to fit over existing boards
Holes are pre-drilled 2′ on center; 1″ self-tapping screws included
Satin anodized 1/2″ aluminum face trim
Available in LCS-II 92 White or 75 Low-Gloss White

EZ Stick Skins

EZ Stick Skins

LCS porcelain enamel steel skins backed with double-sided take make resurfacing existing boards a breeze.
Measure to verify fit, clean old board surface, position new skin, peel and stick.
Face sheets are precut to customer’s specifications.

Vitracite (chalkboard) or LCS (markerboard) porcelain enamel steel skins can be applied to the face of slate, composition chalkboard, or […]

Sliding Units

Sliding Units

Horizontal Sliding Units

Sliding panels are top suspended and glide easily over aluminum track on nylon rollers
Standard installations consist of sliding panels and fixed back panel
3 and 4 track units have one sliding panel per track. Panels cover approximately one-half the unit
Porcelain enamel steel markerboard sliding panels and back panel; satin anodize finish aluminum frame […]

Mobile Units

Mobile Boards

Mobile Board Type

Deluxe Series Revolving Two-Sided Mobile Board

Deluxe Two-Sided Mobile Board


Premiere Series Reversible Mobile Board


Premiere Series Reversible Mobile Board
Wood Framed


M-Series Non-Reversible Mobile Board
Wood Framed



Floor-to-ceiling wall coverage
Utilize all available space
Panels butt together for a continuous writing surface
Permieter trim available for a more finished look
Colors available: See color chart


Fabricork or Designer Fabric edge-wrapped panels
Panels butt together for a continuous surface
Ideal for offices, board rooms, conference rooms
Panels can be custom-made to fit existing walls
Fabric covered trim, H-bars, and corners are available.
Colors available: Vinyl, Fabric, […]

MapRail and Display Rail

Map and Display Rail

“51EZ” 1″ MapRail

51ES – End Stops
51M – Metal Map Hooks
51C – Plastic Map Hooks
51FH – Flag Holders
51RB – Roller Brackets
52ES – Flat End Stops

“74EZ” 2″ MapRail

74ES – End Stops
76M – Metal Map Hooks
76 – Plastic Map Hooks
76FH – Flag Holders
76RB – Roller Brackets
75ES – Flat End Stops



EDR Exhibit Rail

3″ wide […]



Available in 12-packs:

Assorted (3 of each)
Fine tipped – Black
Fine tipped – Green
Fine tipped – Blue
Fine tipped – Red
Fine tipped – Assorted
White Board Cleaner

Available in 4-pack:

Standard Tip – Assorted
(one of each)

Available individually:

White Board Cleaner
All-In-One Kit