Egan Visual

Egan Versa Surface

EVS is a flexible dry-erase surface with a matte-finish, perfectly suited for projection and is guaranteed‑to‑clean. EVS technology is lightweight and has superior projection screen qualities. It has no hot spots or glare, and is flexible enough to accommodate many curved surfaces and other architectural challenges.

Egan VersaPro

 A favorite for conference rooms, libraries, and offices, VersaPro excels as both a markerboard and a projection screen. Useful in larger applications, VersaPro is self-adhesive and must be installed by our Egan certified installers. Widths up to 54″ available.

Egan VersaJot

Useful for smaller applications, VersaJot can be customized to your surface’s size and shape. It can be ordered with a notch or knock-out to fit handles or locks. VersaJot’s self-adhesive backing can be installed on most clean, hard surfaces.


Another Egan Visual whiteboard innovation developed to create stunning grids, templates and lettering to your specification in a variety of colors. EganInk is ideal for branded markerboards for Healthcare, Business, and Education. Custom printing on all Egan Versa surfaces.

VersaPro VersaJot Healthcare
Egan VersaPro Egan VersaJot + Egan Ink EganInk Healthcare Applications