(photo: PolyVision.com)

We live in a technologically driven age whereby we are stimulated by a myriad of screens and other digital displays. One of the only teaching products to weather the test of time across the country is the traditional whiteboard. But why?

“What really makes whiteboards great learning tools is how they engage both the body and brain in the learning process.”

A study by the University of Illinois drew a connection between the physical act of writing and the cognitive effects on children. In doing so, the study found the neural activity in the kids who wrote by hand was far greater than in those who simply observed.

Locally, at the University of Washington, researchers found more connections between kinesthetic and visual engagement. Ultimately, hand movements, specifically those of the fingers, trigger the part of the brain associated with thinking, language and working memory.

“A whiteboard is often the easiest, quickest way to seize a teachable moment, capture someone’s attention, and engage students of any age.”

(Above information, quotes, and image courtesy of our porcelain enamel steel manufacturer)